About Us

BGF Breadhouse   BGF Breadhouse

BGF Breadhouse has been in the bakery business for 7 years. We started in 2010, besides the bakery, we also deliver to different companies in Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. We have pledged to our social community, to always keep the quality of our standards. I have and will always take pleasure in exceeding my customer’s expectations.

About BGF Breadhouse

This breadhouse has been a dream for me and my husband.  Both I and my husband share the passion and love for food and in 2010 our dreams began to take form. We began baking different kinds of bread to sell in our small bakery and were only servicing our neighbors and nearby community. We were very optimistic that we will make it. Due to the good and expressive feedback, we received from our clientele. Due to good feedback, we decided to go into the wholesale delivery. Back then, our delivery has been just within the area. Now, our specially baked bread is not only experienced by our community, because today, we deliver and provide our good tasting bread to locations near and far.